About Colt

Colt McElwaine began his endurance sports career on the mountain bike and as a cross country runner in the mid-1990′s. As a top junior cyclist, he traveled to and raced National and World Cup level events for Mountain Bike, Road, and Cyclocross. In the senior ranks, he raced full-time, winning National Championships in Mountain Bike Cross Country and Marathon disciplines. Following a string of successes on the bike, Colt took on a new challenge in the area of triathlon, where he raced olympic distance and the Xterra National Tour.

Through the years of training and racing, and working with coaches himself, Colt developed a strong passion for the art and science that goes into preparation and competition as an endurance athlete. “I was the reason coaches had to put a limit on phone calls. I wanted to know everything; I was fascinated by the whys and hows of the training plan and would devour any and all literature on the topic I could get my hands on.” He began coaching others in 2004, and in 2006 coached and founded the non-profit North East Regional Development team (N.E.R.D. Cycling) for Junior and U23 riders.

In 2008, while still a student at Harvard University, Colt founded the media outlet CyclingDirt.com along with Flosports.tv. His passion for the sport and endless search for more content surrounding it led him around the globe; during which time he worked with hundreds of races from the Boston Marathon to Mountain Bike stage races in Costa Rica to the Cyclocross World Championships in Denmark to the Olympic Games. In his five years as Chief Editor, he had the opportunity to see the sport and learn from its participants in a way that few ever experience. “It started as an excuse to sit down and interview the top athletes, coaches, and industry people in the sport– a chance to see events from a new perspective and share everything I was learning with the community at large. I wanted to build the resource that I personally always wished existed. It ended up reaching millions of people and became the world’s leading media outlet for video of mountain bike and cyclocross racing.”

In 2012, Colt returned to competing and working full time as an endurance sports coach under Colt Training Systems, where he specializes in cycling as well as distance running and triathlon. In the Fall and Winter months of 2012-2014 he also lead North America’s then top cyclocross media outlet BehindTheBarriers.tv as Executive Producer and on-air Host.

2015 saw Colt make the move from New England to Southern California as he accepted the position of Vice President of Sho-Air Cycling Group and the Ridebiker Alliance. In addition to coaching, Colt oversaw the operation of 22 national level events, including the premier North American MTB series the US Cup, the Ridebiker Alliance, a 5,000+ member club team system, and Team Ridebiker, a collection of nearly 40 professional athletes from Mountain Bike to Cyclocross to the TWENTY20 UCI Pro Women’s Road Team.

“20 years in the sport has given me so many incredible experiences.” Colt adds, “from racing and coaching to journalism and marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to see things from every angle. I use this experience in how I work with athletes, whether it’s a race or travel I’ve done personally, taking advantage of media opportunities, or writing sponsorship proposals– it’s part of a more comprehensive knowledge that I can offer to the athletes with whom I work.”

As of 2019, Colt is back on the East Coast, coaching and consulting full time while enjoying the new challenge of fatherhood!



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