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    Colt McElwaine began his endurance sports career on the mountain bike and as a cross country runner in the mid-1990′s. As a top junior cyclist, he traveled to and raced National and World Cup level events for Mountain Bike, Road, and Cyclocross. In the senior ranks, he raced full-time, winning National Championships in Mountain Bike Cross Country and Marathon disciplines. Following a string of successes on the bike, Colt took on a new challenge in the area of triathlon, where he raced olympic distance and the Xterra National Tour. Through...
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The Process Is The Goal

Spectacular minutes of racing are the result of well-planned hours of preparation. Success in our sport is the result of lifestyle as much as anything else. Train smart, live well, and results will follow. How you do anything is how you’ll do everything.

Science Meets Art

Colt Training Systems combines the leading research in exercise science with the art of 20 years’ real world experience. Functional threshold power means little without the right equipment or race plan for any given course and conditions. We bring it all together.

One On One


The most important task there is as a coach is communication with the athlete. Personal, one-on-one interaction allows the athlete to understand the whys and hows of what he or she is being asked to do; it gives purpose to your training and keeps you motivated to progress.

Communication is also how coaches come to learn the unique personal requirements that each athlete demands. This attention ensures a custom program tailored to fit you.



Performance tracking devices such as powermeters, heart rate monitors, and GPS, combined with the software that allows them to be tracked and analyzed have revolutionized the way athletes train and coaches coach.

Colt Training Systems not only uses these metrics to perfect your training but helps make sense of the data so that you too can understand the trends and make the most of the numbers on a day-to-day basis.


your goal

Working with a coach is the ultimate commitment to achieving your athletic goal. The relationship creates a powerful bond wherein your priorities become our priorities, and our success is directly linked to your own.

Whether you’re an elite athlete chasing the highest level of sport, a new rider looking for a well-thought-out plan to get you started, or anything in between, let us help you make your goal a reality.

what we offer


Data based training

You wouldn’t race a 10 year-old bike, so don’t train with 10 year-old methods. Colt Training Systems coaches with the sport’s leading tools for tracking, quantifying, and projecting your fitness.


skills & technique

The fittest athlete on the start line can only perform as well as his or her skills will allow.  Whether you’re climbing rocky switchbacks on the mountain bike or charging sand pits in ‘cross, we develop these skills alongside your fitness for the perfect balance.



Physiological testing is an important component of a complete training program. We offer and conduct a wide variety of performance testing to establish training zones and monitor changes to your fitness over time.



From the elite athlete looking to sign a pro contract to the junior team looking for a deal on bikes, image and branding is very much a part of our sporting world. We leverage our background of marketing in the industry to help you accomplish these goals.



More than getting you fit, our hope is to motivate you to love what you do more than ever before. We’re all lucky to dedicate part of our life to something as fun and rewarding as our sport. We’ll help you improve, and do our best to make it as enjoyable as possible along the way.