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Colt Training Systems 2014 Junior Coaching Scholarship

Junior development was a founding value in the creation of Colt Training Systems and continues to be amongst our highest priorities as a coaching service. Unlike the school sports that compete for their time and participation, Juniors looking to improve in cycling are more often than not left to go at it alone. Working with a coach to monitor training and development can mean the difference between a long, happy career of riding bikes and the all-too-common college burnout. Let us help!         Colt Training Systems is...
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About Colt

Colt McElwaine began his endurance sports career on the mountain bike and as a cross country runner in the mid-1990's. As a top junior cyclist, he traveled to and raced National and World Cup level events for Mountain Bike, Road, and Cyclocross. In the senior ranks, he raced full-time, winning National Championships in Mountain Bike Cross Country and Marathon disciplines. Following a string of successes on the bike, Colt took on a new challenge in the area of triathlon, where he raced olympic distance and...
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